Saturday, 16 April 2011

Farmville Walkthrough - Getting Started

Are you new to the world of Farmville? If yes, then it won't take you long before you figure out why this game manages to captured the dreams/fantasy of many people in this world. There are many choices when it comes to what seeds to grow, what buildings and decorations to put in your farm. It can be a little hard at first to figure out where to start without a Farmville Walkthrough.

Two important aspects in Getting Started in Farmville:

1) Expand Slowly

You may want to get the most out of your land when you're working in Farmville, which means you'll want to clear a small amount of land so that you are able to plant as many crops as possible. You have to be careful about how much land you clear at once though. It costs 15 coins to clear one plot of land, so if you clear too many at once, you won't have any coins left to buy the seeds you want to plant.

It's best to slowly expand your plowed plots of land so that you're always able to take full advantage of their planting potential. After each harvest, it's a good idea to replant on all of your current plots first. Once you've done this it will be much easier to figure out how much more land you can afford to clear this time around. Following this pattern will quickly allow you to expand your farm while ensuring that you always have enough money to plant on all of your cleared plots.

2) Plan Your Harvests

It can be tough to schedule the right timing for your harvest. Each crop you plant in the game will take an amount of time to mature, which could take few hours, till days. Once a crop is mature, you can harvest it, but do not wait too long, or it will wither, and it will be a waste to plow the land again.
It's important to plan your seeds, so that you'll be able to get back to check on your farm before this happens.
One of the great things about Farmville is that you can take it as seriously as you want to take it. If you only want to log in once a week, that's fine. Just make sure you plant crops that will last that long. Once you start playing though, it's not likely you'll be able to stay away for very long.

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